Say what?

The time has come again, as it tends to do without much prompting, to change the name around here.  I'd say, based on the length of these posts, that I've not exactly adhered to my previous intent with the title ad rem but at least I can say I've tried to "keep to the point."  I can also say, however, that I've probably poached a decent number of hits from the recently defunct rock band of legend -- not that they missed 'em any!

So, onward with the next phrase to go by: quis leget haec? 

I'll use this title for a spell because I'm still curious about you.  I explore topics that interest me, and it seems others have an interest, too, but you're a woefully silent crew. 

Who are you?  What do you think?  Speak up...please, with a cherry on top?

Hit the "like" button.  Oh, whoops! Wrong place.
Use your words like a big boy or girl. 
All jokes aside, I value your perspective, for real!

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