Paulo Coelho: Follow a Wise Rabbit Down the Hole

Remarkably, the renowned Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is a vocal proponent of the piracy of his own works.  Piracy has such a powerful connotation that "sharing" may be a more apt description.  Coelho's books have been translated by other writers and fans into myriad languages, and now they bounce around in digital form for anyone to enjoy.  Like most creators who share their work in this way, Coelho depends upon the premise that those who take pleasure in his writing will eventually buy hard copies.  And when this model of dissemination works, it really works.

Read on about the author's views on piracy and much more at paulocoelhoblog.com

Of course, I've read The Alchemist with its intoxicating, timeless narrative.  Like any great work, its simplicity and exoticism make it a classic fable.  For me, next on deck from Coelho must be The Pilgrimage, which follows his autobiographical journey on the famed Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

This one, O Livro dos Manuais, is a "practical guide for your life" according to the jacket, and I perused the work in it's entirety online, for free.  Although you should check it out in .pdf form, it'd be worth buying for the vibrant illustrations alone!  Que linda obra de verdade!

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