My prolific and talented (ex) neighbor is at it again with a new trio.  Based on his growing list of musical adventures, you can tell the fleet-fingered fella is into the numbers: Georgia Guitar Quartet, Odd Trio, and now Revien

Along with two members of the GGQ, multi-instrumentalist Kyle Dawkins and cellist Phil Snyder, guitarist/composer/arranger Brian Smith forges ahead into exciting new realms.  Call it psyche-classical, chamberdelia, or some kind of mystery mezcla; call it music from some super-talents, and call it something you need to hear.

Revien debuts on Smith's go-to stage at Hendershot's Coffee Bar in Athens, GA this Saturday night with a new sound that goes "beyond the traditional chamber music experience, and spans the distance from Bach sonatas to Radiohead; from Duke Ellington to Debussy; from Spanish-flavored guitar and cello music to bluegrass-inspired Led Zeppelin romps."

Sound intriguing?
Mais oui
8 o'clock, sharpish.

Georgia Guitar Quartet
Odd Trio
Maps and Transit

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