America ReCycled: Pedaling with Purpose

Brothers can have a rare bond, and the Brothers Hussin are no exception with their creative, two-wheeled endeavor to traverse our great nation in an effort to explore and "restore local culture".  I learned about the America ReCycled project via Tim Hussin's excellent photo blog titled Meanderings.  His work caught my eye for its clarity and a sense of objectivity.  The images read like documents, demonstrative yet intriguing, deftly capturing time and space and sentiment. 

Some road gear via thussin.blogspot.com

As for the continental bike trip, Tim and Noah Hussin used Kickstarter.com to gear up for the expedition, and they've been writing and filming the adventure with regular, extensive updates posted to AmericaReCycled.org via their solar-powered laptop. The timeline is a bit fuzzy, but their fundraising "mission statement" indicates plans for posts from the road (many interesting reports are up already), film segments, and later on a book and a feature-length documentary.  According to the site:
All across the country, people are finding innovative ways to come together and make revolutionary change on a local level, to regain control of their lives, rediscover independence, and recycle the American Dream.
Follow along on their journey.  These guys have an eye for ecclectic, innovative living, and they capture it all expertly (looks like in HD).  So far, the project, which documents unique communities, is really worth watching as the brothers reveal, essentially, our own American backyard.

AmericaReCycled - the project site with the first slick video segments!
Meanderings - Tim Hussin's photo blog

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