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The artist featured below, Alex Gross, in his own unique way reminded me of a couple of other artists.  He garnered attention some time ago via BoingBoing -- the seal of hipster approval on the absurd, curious, and/or thought-provoking.  Subsequently, I went searching on alexgross.com and found many other works to relish.

The formal family portrait below and its rich decorative textures harken back to a favorite from Flemish master Jan Van Eyck.  While echoing the pose of the Van Eyck and the female's deep green attire, the male figure's right hand-positioning, which resembles the kartari mudra (the "Gesture of Discord"), seems to confirm the possible root his bride's side-ward glance.

oil on canvas 65" x 44" © Alex Gross 2007

The Betrothal of The Arnolfini (1434)
oil on oak panels 32.4" x 23.6" by Jan Van Eyck

Gross' use of natural iconography (roses, skull, butterflies) immediately evoked Frida Kahlo's self-portraiture, especially in the following painting with its stone-smooth skin tones and dreamlike background. 

The Mandolin
oil on canvas 50" x 30" © Alex Gross 2008

Self Portrait as a Tehuana or Diego in My Thoughts, 1943
oil on masonite 30" x 24"

In several of his other paintings, some of the formality Gross uses in his composition seems to play a tight counterpoint to his more satirical subject matter. Still others with a more blatant comedic bent conjure up the iconic "loteria" squares of Mexico.

Alex Gross  - Explore the entire catalog

Star Wars Mexican Loteria Cards - just for fun, a series by Austin, TX artist Chepo Peña

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