Drip Drop

Since the snow and ice event on Sunday, the South has been slowly, very slowly thawing out daily only to completely refreeze again by sundown. So far, schools have had an unprecedented 4 consecutive snowdays! We're calling it
"Snowcation 2011".

I saw these thousand icy fellows, and they reminded me that it's not so chilly everywhere especially at the poles, forgotten places that are supposed to be solid, untouchable geographic constants. This installation by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, sought to highlight that environmental fragility. These little guys say so much by simply sitting there dripping!

Nele Azevedo's Melting Men on the Concerty Hall steps at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin:

one fresh Melting Man in Berlin from unurth.com

fisheye view of Azevedo's Melting Men greenupdate.wordpress.com

The little fellows can be seen in photos from around the world spreading awareness about climate change.

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