I'll Still Take Conan...Even on the Move

A couple of weeks ago, Conan O'Brien finally found a spot to park his late-night genius and that spot will be on the TBS network. Typically a cable channel used for reruns and relatively low-budget comedy series, TBS will be home to the new, 11pm Conan O'brien show starting in November 2010.

photo credit: Variety

Here's my editorial snippet: Conan O'Brien and manager Gavin Polone have made a solid decision by moving to the land of cable instead of continuing on the network path. He'll be freed up to do the edgy kind of comedy that propelled him to success in late-night slots, first as a writer on Saturday Night Live, and most famously as the host of NBC's Late Night.

The main concern, had Conan stayed on with NBC, would have been how to keep himself and his show from slipping into the stodgy, overwrought, overproduced grey area of "unfunny" that Leno occupied so well for so long. After years on The Tonight Show, even Jay was looking to reinvigorate his act through stand-up tours; it didn't work, however!

How did all this happen? Find out here.

Congratulations, Consey! See you at 11 o'clock if I sign up for cable -- just for you!

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