New Name, New Cycle

Since the last go 'round, the title 'per volar su nata' has stood here as a mantra to really make this thing fly and for the most part, it has some air under it now, mostly hot air, but bouyant and flavorful nonetheless.

This time around, I'll go with 'nosce te ipsum' - Latin for "know thyself" - so as to treat the blog as a reflection of my own thoughts and interests (just for fun and as a tiny salute to my family heritage, I've included the original Greek in the title). Taken as a whole, the content and commentary in this collection of posts is gradually helping to illuminate my own dreams and fascinations.

And so, onward.

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  1. To explore this aphorism more thoroughly, it was helpful for me to read these two poems on the theological interpretation of knowledge of self; this is just the beginning really...

    Alexander Pope -


    Ralph Waldo Emerson -



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