Chucky en la Ciudad de la Primavera Eterna

If this were Twitter or Facebook, I'd be reporting:

Sitting here listening to Chuck Prophet's new album ¡Let Freedom Ring!

The "making of" story is a good one -- see what I mean by checking out the video.

As Prophet's sound becomes more and more palatable for the masses, his sentiment keeps him apart from the mainstream. It seems hopeful that he'll finally be able to cash in without selling out in terms of sound or message. The majority of comments out there reaffirm that the prolific Prophet is a most underrated artist. Regardless, Chuck Prophet is becoming ever-wiser along the pitfall-laden path of the American songwriter, and as a pure rocker, he's just as raw and raucous as ever.

Clearly, the vibrancy of Mexico City has soaked in and Chucky himself admits he'll never be the same!

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  1. No commentary? Okay, I'll take the reins.

    For a live taste of Chuck P. check out this video from the Letterman show.


    Even Paul Schaffer gets in on the action clanking the chimes and orchestrating some serious hand claps from the band. Enjoy C.P's big show, big rock sound!


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