A strange way to spot a friend...

I had a pleasant discovery today as I sit listening to Pandora. After hearing some guitar work by one of my favorites, Michael Hedges, I began to think of an old friend who also has the chops to play in that modern, talent-intensive style. His name is Chris Stefanciw and, last I heard, he was living in Liverpool, a noteworthy musical environment itself.

As it turns out, he has shown up on at least one recording by a fairly high-profile young artist in the UK. Her name is Sarah Dickson and you can hear her tunes at the link below. Chris is playing guitar, but I'm not sure on which tracks in particular.

I did find another instance of his name in the credits of a recording project by a group called Sanagi. I have no way to confirm that this is indeed more musical evidence of Chris's prowess on the guitar, but I'll bet that it was him on this last, as well.

It was very cool to discover and then listen to this friend's recent work, all at once. Life in the Internet age can indeed be instantly gratifying, this time in a good way.

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