Over the line!

It seems that parking at work is always a mess. Today, however, I managed to find the humor in the daily struggle to wedge my little Civic into an overly skinny spot, thus risking driver-side dings and the consequent ulcerative angst. As I cozied into a narrow space, I realized that the excessively beefy truck beside me was parked completely crooked and was fully over the line defining its proper allotment.

The phrase in my head triggered a cinematic memory from none other than the 90's cult classic The Big Lebowski. As they compete (in league play, mind you) at their home bowling alley, Walter played by John Goodman bellows at a graying, ponytailed hippie named Smokey, "Over the line! I'm sorry, but you were over the line, Smokey." Lebowski tells Walter to calm down but that's not in Walter's realm of capabilities. He takes his bowling seriously (especially during league play) and so too should we with parking.

Be you soccer mom, Southern beauhunk, or just plain ol' Joe Public:

Stay between the bloody lines!

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  1. Dude! I have Big Lebowski moments on an almost daily basis. Glad I'm not the only one!


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