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Thanks to Dennis, a.k.a. DKT , for his excellent recommendation, and subsequent lending of this phenomenally strange and entertaining compilation of short stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle. His most well-known mainstream work is The Road to Wellville, made popular by its film adaptation starring a youthful Matthew Broderick, Sir Anthony Hopkins, among other famous persons. The writing is a far better abdominal workout than any film could hope to be, although several of his other works currently being adapted for the screen. It took me a decent number of lunch hours to get through this volume, but that was mostly due to all the crumb brushing and re-reading of great turns-of-phrase in which I was engaged. Give it a try sometime if you're into the surreal, the demented, or simply in search of a more sublime trip than most of our work-a-day lives seem to afford.
Find out more at the author's site ~ http://www.tcboyle.com/index.html

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