Fela Soul by Amerigo Gazaway

This guy has a way with amalgamation.  I couldn't resist sharing this collaboration put together by one Amerigo Gazaway (then in Nashville with Gummy Soul), which blends De La Soul's classic Three Feet High and Rising with samples of Fela Kuti, from the vaults, along with a handful of other recognizable artists -- Gorillaz, for one.

Kuti started his jazz career on trumpet at London's Trinity College of Music, in case you need more Nigerian horn after hearing the diamonds in Gazaway's tracks below. 

"Trouble In The Water" slings a hip-hop arrow carried aloft via a classic afrobeat saxophone riff by Nigeria's legendary native son.  "Itsoweezee" slips a skankin' vibe beneath De La Soul's original tune to make, in the words of the late Peter Tosh, a "brand new secondhand".

And so on. Enjoy.

* Please be advised of some rough language right from the start.  Ear muffs, y'all little ones.

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