Thai Funk Gems : สามอัญมณีไทย

Our relatively local college radio station, WRAS (88.5) out of Georgia State University, has put a couple of Southeast Asian compilations, called Thai Dai and The Sound of Siam, into fairly heavy rotation lately, and I've been loving their power to transport and amaze. 

The following selections are considered luk thung, a brand of Thai pop that incorporates plenty of emotive, vibrato singing, but these picks do it with a distinctive flair, blending many international influences. Mighty entertaining!

Sroeng Santi -- an unforgettable style that most modern hipsters would die for!

Sroeng Santi covers Black Sabbath and manages to non-rhyme better than Dylan.

Sangthong Seesai -- some playful English thrown into this one!  Happy!



  1. That's the sort of stuff that becomes addictive in no time. Someone should have a talk with that radio station of yours. Irresponsible, really!! :-)

  2. I know, Anna! It's such an old-fashioned notion: turn the dials, past the fuzz, and *bleep, squibble, bleep, squelch* you've tuned into another world of sonic discovery, unnearthed right before your...ears!

    WRAS has made a list of top ten college radio in Rolling Stone, a number of times I think. Neat-o!

    I also absolutely love this one show on WFMU out of East Orange, New Jersey (something good from Jersey = unlikely,I know!). It's all classic r & b and soul records from the record store depths, the forgotten backrooms of yesteryear. Very cool for all the cool cats and shimmery birds:


    Thanks for the comment, sista!


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