Afro Soul Descarga

Sometimes a virtual discovery can feel as real as any record store find.  Today I found a bevy of radio sets from Afro Soul Descarga. It's cool that the D.J. -- James Stewart of RAJE in France -- is able to share the whole playlist so easily via Soundcloud waveform.  Set # 10, below, is two hours of rare music, most of which you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Standout tracks:
Part 1 - track 6. (37:20) Segun Bucknor plays "La La La Acoustic" with some pretty wild organ sounds from Nigeria.

Part 2 - track 9. (101:00) Sun Ra's "Nuclear War" is a classic anti-proliferation anthem:  "If they push that button, your ass gotta go...watcha gonna do without your ass?"  Good question.

Part 2 - track 10. (110:35) These four or five poems by Langston Hughes with punctuation by Charlie Mingus and co. are real swell, too. Said Hughes, "Dig and be dug in return."

Just to be fair -- for DJ gigs/ pour les soirées contact James : dimensionmusiques@gmail.com

For the full track listing and so much more music:  afrosouldescarga.blogspot.com


  1. HI, you can find the new link of the podcast on the following links....thnaks for listening and earing...



    regards, james

  2. Ah, thanks for these classic sets, James, and for keeping us updated! I've fixed the links so they lead to MixCloud now.

    Keep the great, rare tracks coming, please!

    Sincèrement ~ Alex


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