Kerouac to Brando: "...put up your dukes and write!"

The following letter was a plea from a counter-culture idol to a budding star of the gritty, NYC film culture to get something done, to get (more) famous, to get rich. Kerouac uses words like "wanta" and calls the American movie industry an "outmoded dinosaur" as he goads Marlon Brando into turning On The Road into a feature.
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Thanks to legend-in-the-making, singer/songwriter/producer/bizarro West Coaster Chuck Prophet for posting this via Twitter or Facebook or some such socio-digital vehicle. Cheers, Chuck!

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  1. Saw the film 'HOWL' last night. It was so interesting to learn how Allen Ginsberg led the generation of writers / poets into notoriety on the back of his pain, angst, and experimentation.

    The animation was wild and vivid -- matched the intensity of the words amazingly!

    Read, HOWL (the epic poem) here:


    Watch a trailer for HOWL (the stylie new film):



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