In the Land of the Maya...

...activists at the Belizean "Reef Summit" ask if this is...

image provided by:  New Scientist
...at least for their beloved coral wonder. Even as world leaders meet in Cancun for climate talks this week, this sandy but hearty group, and indeed all the world's environmentalists, consider what the future holds if climate change is not addressed earnestly and pro-actively. The ancient Maya predicted that 2012 -- or Decemeber 21st to be exact -- would represent a moment of "great change" for the world and all her children. We'll see...

Hunt around for yourself; it's practically impossible to read anything online that isn't coming from the New Age sects, Christian fundamentalists, or good ol' doomsday fanatics -- some of whom are one in the same!
image from lamanai.net
However, I can proudly say that the first I learned of the Mayan astrological predictions was on a visit to Lamanai, a grand Mayan ruin within the Belizean rainforest, then accessible only by boat. The Mayan curator of the site's tiny but fascinating museum explained the ancient warning signs of an impending disaster in 2012.
He spoke of:

* drinking water relagated to "egg-shell containers" -- bottled water perhaps?
* "noisy, giant dragonflies carrying men" -- helicopters he surmised.
* and finally the acceptance of "one world currency" -- could that be the dollar?


  1. for the life of me, I recall the exact date to be Dec 10, 2010...
    The reason I remember the date, and am convinced that of it, is because I thought at the time "wow, I'll never turn 30"
    but either way, how does 2012 signify Dec 21?
    great picture of lamanai. we should go back.

  2. Wishful thinking, bro...!! Nice picture by the way.

  3. Yep...times like these. Liz, most of what I've read says Dec. 21 so you'll see 30 no matter what the Mayan Long Count Calendar says!

    I agree: Belize is tops in my book for ruin climbing, snorkeling, and red snapper eating!

    Let's go -- some day.


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