Throw Down Your Heart | Bela Fleck

Bela Fleck's enthralling documentary film retraces the
evolution of the banjo from its roots in Africa. When I saw the film, I knew I had to write about it if only to alert all my many banjo playing friends out there (the number keeps growing!).

As it turns out, Marc Gabriel Amigone at the Afrobeat Blog has already done a fine review, so I'll just let you get it from there. Self-dubbed 'Afro Marc' has an excellent thing going, and his spot seems to be the place to get your finger on the pulse of Afrobeat music's history and its recent resurgence.

Here's a little taste of what makes Throw Down Your Heart so special (Fleck meets Anania Ngoliga in Tanzania, finding the first in a string of musical soulmates):



  1. Thanks, Alex. Good stuff. Makes you think there is more to it all, more than we will ever grasp.

  2. great tunes, and what characters.. a must see for sure.


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