By Another Name...

Again, it's high time to change this space's name, if not for you then for me. The last cycle was an attempt to 'audi alteram partem' which was meant to give rise to commentary around here. Well, I'm not sure it did that, but in any case, I think traffic was up due to a great respect for German automotive engineering (a nice trick to emply now that I know it!).

So, this time I'll go with the title 'vade mecum' which roughly translates into "go with me" but that take on the Latin phrase could be a little misleading. It's not a plea; instead it's a definition for what this gathering of tidbits has become to me. It's something that's following me around; conversely, sometimes I'm the one following the interests that arise. In the sense that a journal or a handbook goes with you, so too does this blog 'vade mecum'.

However I dissect it, this place is slowly evolving into something, and I suppose I'll try to take a little pride in that. My continued thanks to those of you who come around to visit, read, listen or otherwise open your minds here.

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