Selected Podcasts

The following is a conglomeration of podcasts I've come across recently that occupy a unique auditory niche in the cyberlandscape. Check out a few and see if you relate to the content and creative delivery methods offered:

Radiolab - a fine set of science-based podcasts from WNYC that each explore a particular theory, notion, or subject such as memory, laughter, chaos, and so on.

Downtown Soulville - Mr. Fine Wine spins selected soul records (mostly 45's) for New Jersey's WFMU and he does it well - see related blog post from this summer for a direct link to WFMU.

NPR's Planet Money - some of the best explanations (in laymen's terms) of the current financial crisis -actually makes credit default swaps and mortgage backed securities comprehensible!

Daptone Jukebox - a nicely presented blog from the folks at Brooklyn's Daptone Records including excellent soul, funk and afrobeat podcasts with informative playlists, artist backstories, and more -sounds and looks slick!

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