Ghanian Prints

Everyone always remarks upon spotting a brightly colored, finely woven garment: women of Indian descent in their flowing saris, Afghanistan's strictly sheathed mothers and daughters in their vibrant, pale blue, crocheted finery, and the eye-popping central African fabrics fashioned into dresses, skirts, and head scarves.

At Afropop Worldwide's page regarding President Obama's visit to Ghana, I learned that the colors found in that country's traditional fabrics each have special significance.

"Each color in the fabric has meaning, so we recommend some gold for royalty, green for a good harvest, pink and purple for a feminine touch, and blue for peace."

(by Danny Silva and Kwaku Boafo for www.afropop.org )

Below is a fine example of Ewe kente cloth:

Read up on the history of kente and even design your own over at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art: africa.si.edu

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