Cheonggyecheon - The Heart of Seoul's Green Rehabilitation

After learning about this ambitious project on the PBS documentary design series " e2 " I sought out some more information. The endeavor had its critics but there can be no argument: the city of Seoul is far better off for having agreed to this expensive but worthwhile renovation of an urban eyesore into a cosmopolitan, "green" jewel.

A decent overview of the Cheonggyecheon River Restoration project from Spacing Toronto will help to see all the phases from the demolition of the expressway to the finishing of the promenade that has become the heart of Seoul's social life.

Images from the Rights of Way blog show the remnants of the original elevated expressway that orginal covered the river. Ironically, the mayor who originally spearheaded the elevated highway was the very same who pushed for the rehabilitation and restoration of the Cheonggyecheon River. So, in the end, it's a good thing that some politicians, in their search for approval, end up backing projects that actually improve quality of life.

Check out this pdf. hosted by cepis.org for more images and information.

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