Unthawing with a Rant!

It seems there's hardly a better way to break the silence here than with a true tirade on the state of the state, be it justified or not. Today, my main beef is with those folks who insist on pulling onto the road without considering those behind them who they might be forcing into evasive maneuvers.

The worst of this kind of irresponsible piloting has to be the four lane divided highway. The unobservant fools in question seem oblivious to traffic upstream and simply wheel a multi-ton vehicle out into the masses with little or no regard for how that action might affect the traffic flow at large. Driving along in the right lane, I and other drivers are forced, sometimes rather abruptly, to adjust our routes to these absent-minded people. Often times, when no egress is available due to heavy volume, a driver must decrease speed severely to accomodate this oblivious behavior of pulling out into traffic without regard to surroundings.

I don't mind slowing down a little, but the worst instances are when the driver depends on the attentiveness of approaching vehicles and expects those drivers to react appropriately. The whole "Drive Defensively" campaign was meant to increase awareness and eradicate this kind of assumptive positioning, the type of taking for granted that gets people killed.

To aggravate responsible travelers further, these people who bank on the good judgement of others many times neglect to sense the urgency of the action they've just commited. If the person is driving a Mercedes SUV or a BMW or every a decent American made sedan, the logical expectation is that the driver would want to show the world how much power is under the hood by accelerating in a way that is proportionate to the traffic situation.

SPEED UP! And do it fast or you will be rear-ended!

Maybe that would be the best thing for these people, to help dislodge whatever it is that is stuck so far up their asses that they can't even concentrate on the road, which is really the only task at hand or so it should be. What is it up in there? Is it a cell phone? Maybe it's a greasy french fry? Are they mid-text and thinking of which abbreviation to punch in thumb-wise? LOL + FU!

"I pity the fools." - Mr. T

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