Vocab. Hyped

It's clear and unanimous; the most overused word of the year has got to be...panacea. This term has been bandied about in practically every media forum around, especially in recent months as most discussions in the public forum eventually lead to futile arguments over energy policy. Here is an offering of alternatives to that frankly played-out, antiquated, and progressively stale term so popularized today:

What's the best remedy for our energy ills?

Judging by the cost of that ear, do you still think corn ethanol is the cure-all for our oil addiction?

Do you know of a good medicament for herpes?

Why not offer up a catholicon to save us from a fatal, collective third-degree burn?

Does "Drill, baby, drill!" sound like the magic bullet for the global warming dilemma?

The GOP naively suggests a nepenthe to soothe the pain of our fossil-fueled woes.

Clean coal technologies and offshore drilling merely represent a nostrum to our energy crisis.

A certain few of these options could be the panacea to the problem of the word panacea's frequency in the media as of late. Although, it would be only slightly less surprising for armageddon to ensue than it would be for the talking heads to consult a thesaurus once in a harvest moon.

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