In reading some Michael Pollan, I quickly realized that I could be easily placed into a descriptive category of characters, as we all could if we were to appear in print, engendering a very certain gamut of qualities. The introductory heading I always wished I embodied would have to be the "slim and severe" also known as the "ruggedly handsome and strong" brand of John. However, and this is where Pollan helped me to see myself, I probably tend to somehow fall into line with the gads of the "softer and rounder" types. In a way, this is how I've always been yet my internal dialogue has never seemed to agree with my outward appearance. Now, as the decades multiply by a growing factor, the gap feels to have widened even further from where I saw myself to where I've landed, with a thump.

The landing is not to say that another flight isn't already on a slow taxi though.

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